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While buildings like the Colosseum and the Pantheon are some of the main tourist attractions in the city, not everything has to date back over a thousand years to the Roman Empire to be impressive. Rome has always been considered one of the most important cities in the world not only for its former military conquests but also for its culture, art and technological innovations. The unparalleled history of the city is one solely of great success and human development but also large scale failures and corruption which have allowed the city to be destroyed or pillaged on a number of occasions.

What we see on the streets of the city today is a reflection of that history as there is a healthy mixture of old and new on every street corner. The Rome that we know and love today was given new life in the 17th Century thanks to the efforts of a collection of legendary artists, designers and architects during the Renaissance period as well as for a style of architectural design that was born of the city and eventually spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world creating some of the most iconic buildings that we have today.

What we know today as "Baroque " architecture transformed the decaying city into the beautiful one we see today. In true Roman fashion, Baroque designs promoted grandeur and extravagance and came along at the most opportune time as the city was experiencing its first taste of opulence in nearly a thousand years. The Trevi Fountain is considered to be one of the most beautiful fountains in the entire world and is grand not only in size but also its artistic design and if you pay close attention, you'll notice that the fountain is telling you a story - which happens to be the history of Rome itself.

There are over 2, fountains in Rome - more than any other city in the world. Of those fountains, fifty of them are considered monumental and the rest are smaller and are used as public drinking spaces. The aqueduct system is what separated Ancient Rome from any other city in human history as the availability of clean running water allowed it to expand at rates previously unseen becoming the first city to have a population of more than a million residents. Prior to the construction of the aqueduct system, Rome, like every other city in the world relied on local water sources which included streams and springs as well as underground wells and seasonal rain-water.

As Rome grew however, the water supply not only became insufficient but was polluted causing health issues for the residents of the city. As demand for water continued to grow though, the city was forced to construct ten more aqueduct systems all of which were completed by AD. In total, the eleven aqueducts combined for a length of approximately kilometres both above and under ground and supplied the city with million gallons of water a day. Even though by that time the city had ceased to be the capital of the Western Roman Empire, its loss to King Alaric and the Visigoths was symbolic of the decline of the once great civilization, which would itself cease to exist less than sixty years later.

For almost a thousand years after the Sack of Rome, the aqueducts which once made the city great had fallen into disrepair or were completely destroyed. One of the projects undertaken by the Pope was to rebuild the Acqua Vergine to bring clean drinking water into the city.

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Over the next few centuries, successors to Pope Nicholas V continued the work of restoring the other aqueducts as well as remaining committed to building large display fountains at at their terminal locations, despite the high cost. It took over thirty years to complete work on the Trevi Fountain, but halfway through its construction Salvi died leaving the rest of the work to Giuseppe Pannini who completed the 85 foot tall and foot wide fountain in According to legend, Roman General Agrippa sent out a group of soldiers to search for a water source near Rome.

The soldiers spent a considerable amount of time searching but the spring could only found with the help of a local virgin girl pointed it out to the soldiers.Write to romapip quipo. Notes: Page revised in December Lazzaretto: detail of the portal. He was 78 and during his long career in the Papal administration he had held the post of Commissario del Marewhich gave him authority on all matters related to the ports of the country.

In this capacity he had realized that they needed new facilities and in he commissioned Luigi Vanvitelli, a young architect, a series of improvements to the port of Ancona. They included a lazzarettoan isolated facility where travellers and seamen coming from ports affected by epidemics had to wait for forty days It.

Lazzaretto seen from the Citadel : today above and in a s photograph when it housed a factory below Lazzaretto initially was a word indicating a leprosary, because it derived from the beggar Lazarus Luke who suffered of leprosy.

Vanvitelli visited other Italian ports such as Leghorn and Venice where these facilities already existed to understand how they were run. He eventually designed a pentagonal fortress on an artificial islet inside the harbour. The stone bridge was built in the XIXth century after the complex ceased to be used as a lazzaretto. Cappella di S. Rocco left and relief portraying St.

Roch who was specially invoked against plague right Vanvitelli did not build a church, but an open small chapel at the centre of the courtyard to limit contacts among the quarantined inmates and between them and the soldiers of the garrison.

Mass was celebrated at the chapel, but the soldiers ensured the inmates did not come close to it and attended the ceremony from a distance. As a matter of fact these measures at Ancona and elsewhere in Europe proved effective and the XVIIIth century did not see those major epidemics of bubonic plague which had been recorded in the previous century. Ciriaco with a small partially lost fortress at its end; centre front of Arco Clementino; right Arco di Traiano and S.

Ciriaco seen from Arco Clementino Vanvitelli enlarged the harbour by extending the Roman mole. He designed a triumphal arch similar to Arco di Traiano to celebrate the completion of the project. It had the front towards the sea, unlike the ancient one. The inscription was erased during the French occupation of Ancona. It should have been topped by a statue of Pope Clement XII which eventually was placed in Piazza del Popolo you can see it in the image used as background for this page. Giovanni in Laterano.

His projects did not win, but were highly praised. During his stay at Ancona, Vanvitelli was involved in the design of many buildings in town and in other nearby locations e.

Domenico This very long square was opened in the XVth century and it became the centre of the town, a sort of "sitting room" similar to Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli. It had many names: Nuova, Grande, Napoleone, S. It was enlarged in when Chiesa dell'Incoronata, an old small church, was pulled down and replaced by S.

Domenico in a rear position. Domenico was designed by Carlo Marchionni who began his career as a sculptor, but became an architect, probably because Vanvitelli and Ferdinando Fuga, another famous architect protected by Pope Clement XII, left Rome for Naples in The decoration of S.

This division did not have a main impact on military and religious leaders who preferred to divide the world into East and West e. The geographical discoveries of the XVth and XVIth centuries led to the identification of four parts of the world. Ignazio ceiling. Ciriaco: monument to St. Cyriacus of Ancona was opened to check its content. The body of the saint was found incorrupt i.It is the oldest and highest ranking of the four papal major basilicasholding the unique title of "archbasilica".

It is the oldest public church in the city of Rome, and the oldest basilica of the Western world. The archbasilica is sited in the City of Rome.

Pope Clement XII

It is outside Vatican Citywhich is approximately 4 kilometres 2. The archbasilica stands over the remains of the Castra Nova equitum singulariumthe "New Fort of the Roman imperial cavalry bodyguards".

The fort was established by Septimius Severus in AD Following the victory of Emperor Constantine the Great over Maxentius for whom the Equites singulares augustithe emperor's mounted bodyguards had fought at the Battle of the Milvian Bridgethe guard was abolished and the fort demolished. Substantial remains of the fort lie directly beneath the nave. The remainder of the site was occupied during the early Roman Empire by the palace of the gens Laterani.

Sextius Lateranus was the first plebeian to attain the rank of consuland the Laterani served as administrators for several emperors. One of the Laterani, Consul-designate Plautius Lateranus, became famous for being accused by Nero of conspiracy against the Emperor. The accusation resulted in the confiscation and redistribution of his properties.

The actual date of the donation is unknown, but scholars speculate that it was during the pontificate of Pope Miltiadesin time to host a synod of bishops in that was convened to challenge the Donatist schismdeclaring Donatism to be heresy. The palace basilica was converted and extended, becoming the residence of Pope Saint Sylvester Ieventually becoming the Cathedral of Rome, the seat of the Popes as the Bishops of Rome.

When a cathedra became a symbol of episcopal authority, the papal cathedra was placed in its interior, rendering it the cathedral of the Pope as Bishop of Rome. When Gregory the Great sent the Gregorian mission to England under Augustine of Canterburysome original churches in Canterbury took the Roman plan as a model, dedicating a church both to Christ as well as one to Saint Paul, outside the walls of the city.

The church name "Christ Church", so common for churches around the world today in Anglophone Anglican contexts, originally came from this Roman church, central to pre-medieval Christian identity. In the twelfth century the canons of the Lateran claimed that the high altar housed the Ark of the Covenant and several holy objects from Jerusalem.

The basilica was thus presented as the Temple of the New Covenant. The archbasilica and Lateran Palace were re-dedicated twice. Pope Sergius III dedicated them to Saint John the Baptist in the 10th century in honor of the newly consecrated baptistry of the archbasilica.

Thus, Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist became co-patrons of the archbasilica, while the primary Patron is still Christ the Savior, as the inscription in the entrance indicates and as is traditional for patriarchal cathedrals.

Consequently, the archbasilica remains dedicated to the Savior, and its titular feast is the Feast of the Transfiguration.Clement presided over the growth of a surplus in the papal finances. In his bull In eminenti apostolatushe provides the first public papal condemnation of Freemasonry.

Both of his parents belonged to the old Florentine nobility. He was a distant relative of Saint Andrea Corsini. Corsini studied at the Jesuit Collegio Romano in Rome and also at the University of Pisa where he earned a doctorate in both civil law and canon law.

Corsini practiced law under the able direction of his uncle, Cardinal Neri Corsini. After the death of his uncle and his father, inCorsini, now thirty-three, would have become head of the Corsini. Instead he resigned his right of primogeniture and from Pope Innocent XI — he purchased, according to the custom of the time, for 30, scudia position of prelatial rank and devoted his wealth and leisure to the enlargement of the library bequeathed to him by his uncle.

In he was made titular Archbishop of Nicomedia and chosen nuncio to Vienna. He did not proceed to the imperial court, [1] because Leopold I, the Holy Roman Emperor, maintained that he had the right to select the nuncio from a list of three names furnished by the pope. InCorsini was appointed treasurer-general and governor of the Castel Sant'Angelo.

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His good fortune increased during the pontificate of Pope Clement XI —[1] who employed his talents as a courtier and named him Cardinal-Priest of Santa Susanna on 17 Mayretaining his services as papal treasurer. Benedict died inand in the conclave that followed his death, after deliberating for four months, the College of Cardinals selected Corsini, 78 years old and with failing eyesight, who had held all the important offices of the Roman Curia.

As a Corsiniwith his mother a Strozzithe new pope represented a family in the highest level of Florentine society, with a cardinal in every generation for the previous hundred years. He demanded restitution from the ministers who had abused the confidence of his predecessor.

Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran

Papal finances were also improved through reviving the public lottery, which had been suppressed by the severe morality of Benedict XIII. Soon it poured into Clement XII's treasury an annual sum amounting to nearly a half million scudienabling him to undertake the extensive building programs for which he is chiefly remembered, [1] but which he was never able to see.

Clement XII erected in that ancient basilica a magnificent chapel dedicated to his 14th century kinsman, St. Andrew Corsini. He restored the Arch of Constantine and built the governmental palace of the Consulta on the Quirinal. He purchased from Cardinal Alessandro Albani for 60, scudi a famous collection of statues, inscriptions, etc. He paved the streets of Rome and the roads leading from the city, and widened the Corso.

He began the triumphant Baroque Fontana di Trevione of the noted ornaments of Rome. Under his reign a port was built at Anconawith a highway that gave easy access to the interior. He drained the malarial marshes of the Chiana near Lake Trasimeno.

Politically, however, this was not a successful papacy among the secular powers of Europe. When the attempt of papal forces to take over the ancient independent Republic of San Marino failed, Clement XII disavowed the arbitrary action of his legate, Cardinal Giulio Alberoniin seizing San Marinoand restored its independence. He was also rebuffed in Papal claims over the Duchies of Parma and Piacenza. Victor Amadeus II subsequently abdicated his throne causing great unrest in Savoy.

In ecclesiastic affairs he issued In eminenti apostolatusthe first papal decree against the Freemasons on 28 April He campaigned for the reunion of the Roman and Orthodox churchesreceived the Patriarch of the Coptic Church and persuaded the Armenian Patriarch to remove the anathema against the Council of Chalcedon and Pope Leo I — He dispatched Joseph Simeon Assemani to the East for the twofold purpose of continuing his search for manuscripts and presiding as legate over a national council of Maronites.

Though he was blind and compelled to keep to his bed, from which he gave audiences and transacted affairs of state, he surrounded himself with capable officials, many of them his Corsini relatives, but he did little for his family except to purchase and enlarge the palace built in Trastevere for the Riariiand now known as the Palazzo Corsini the seat of the Regia Accademia dei Lincei.It is the most popular fountain in Rome and is well-renowned around the world.

It is absolutely beautiful and captivating, and the detail is astounding. The fountain is Every day it spills The fountain is mostly built of travertine stone. The stone is a mineral consisting of a layered calcium carbonate formed by deposition from spring waters or especially from hot springs.

Travertine was often used as a building material. The largest building in the world constructed mostly of travertine is the Colosseum in Rome. In the middle, there is the statue of Ocean Oceanus One horse is restless, one is calm. One triton is strong and young, one is older and holds a twisted shell that is using to announce their passage.

At her feet, a toppled vase lies by a source of water. Above her, there is a relief showing Agrippa commanding his generals to build the aqueduct. There is the statue of Health, crowned by a wreath of laurel and holding a cup a snake drinks from.

Above her, there is a relief showing a Virgin lady indicating to soldiers the source of water. Translation : Clemens XII Pontifex Maximus decorated the Virgin Aqueduct and committed it with abundance and salubrity to the cult in the Year of the Lord6th year of his pontificate.

Translation: The statues and the reliefs were decreed to be placed here by Clemens XIII Pontifex Maximus and the work was solved from every further work and care in the Year of the Lord Near the end ofthe Trevi fountain was re-opened after a 17 month reconstruction, which cost around 2.

Since the fountain was drained during the construction, a small basin was set up at the rim of the fountain to keep the tradition of throwing coins into the fountain going. It is said that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you are sure to return to Rome. In the past, around 2, to 3, euros a day were thrown into the Trevi Fountain, according to media reports.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.It is located where now there is the well-known Piazza di Trevi.

clemens xii pont max statue

Emperor Agrippa ordered to locate there one of the fountains of his aqueduct: three sets of pools leaned against the near building. Later on, around the VIII century, the aqueduct was affected by several changes and the main consequence was that a minor fountain — the Trevi one — became the aqueduct terminal called Acqua Vergine.

During the Middle Age, the Trevi water was under the Pope control, through his troops that were in charge of the control of the water, ensuring that no private citizen would have taken advantage of it. Moreover, the access to the fountain was protected by a gate in order to control and monitor the water collection by the population and the so-called "acquaroli": people trading water from the fountain and selling it door to door.

The fountain is called Trevi because of a popular name "Trejo", meaning the thee streets ending up here; the crossroads is nowadays called Piazza dei Crociferi. Of the three water sources, the central one was made of a jar with thee lions around, pouring water in the below collecting pool. The nowadays fountain became to appear as it is today with Pope Urban III, who decided to replace it with a bigger one and committed the famous Bernini for all the works.

The artist presented several projects, all very expensive, and for which the Pope increased the taxation upon the wine. This gave inspiration to a local poet — Pasquino — for some sonnets telling that in order to amuse the Romans with new water games, was grinding down the population, affection the price of the wine. This was not the only unbecoming act from the Vatican, in fact Pope Urban III allowed Bernini to destroy an ancient monument called "Capo di Bove" because of its beautiful marble in order to reuse the precious stone.

This was actually the tomb of Cecilia Metella, but this time the Romans did not permit the whole plundering and allowed Bernini just to get part of the monument, which was not very little anyway.

Either Urban III and Bernini died before the oeuvre was terminated: at that time the fountain was just a big pool, with another one located ahead. A century later, Pope Clemente XII wanted to replace the fountain with another more monumental and, in order to achieve his desire, invited all the best artists of the time to present new projects for the fountain. Among all the drafts presented, the one made by Nicola Salvi was picked up, preserving the Bernini inspiration of the work.

The works, started incarried on during the entire Pope Benedetto XIV pontificate and finished with Pope Clemente XIII, who inaugurated the fountain on the 22nd of Mayeven if Salvi, died before, was not able to finish the work of art, that was terminated by Giuseppe Pannini. The fountain covers the whole minor side of Palazzo Poli: it is about 20 metres large and 26 metres high. You can admire a huge central cubby surrounded by a set of Corinthian columns supporting a big attic dominated by the Clemente XII coat and crowned by a balustrade with four statues representing the four seasons.

Underneath the lintel there is a frieze reporting the epigraph which remembers the works carried out due to Benedetto XIV. From the inside of the central cubby is erected the overshadowing statue of Oceano upon a shell carriage shaped, dragged by two sea horses, one almost quiet whilst the other appears more agitated, symbolizing the two sides of the sea, all headed by tritons.

The whole statuary group has been made by the sculptor Pietro Bracci who carried out this piece of art in On the frieze all along the three niches there is the epigraph remembering the Clemente XIII pontificate, under which the works were terminated.

The fountain ends with the big sea cliff broadening out towards the building base and dipping into the huge pool representing the sea. There are many tales and stories about this fountain, but among all, the most famous is certainly the one narrating that whoever throws a coin into the fountain will soon come back to Roma, but he has to throw it on his back.

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clemens xii pont max statue

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clemens xii pont max statue

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clemens xii pont max statue

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